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Animal Welfare League of Wayne County is a non-profit organization established to provide resources and improve the welfare of companion animals in our community.


Who We Are

We are a dedicated group of passionate individuals, united by our commitment to improving the well-being of companion animals within our community. As a 501(c)3 nonprofit, our mission revolves around the core values of providing and promoting access to vital resources, education, and programs that elevate the lives of our furry friends.

Our approach to animal welfare is multifaceted, with a focus on raising awareness and educating the public on responsible pet ownership. We strive to address the issue of pet overpopulation by actively promoting spaying and neutering programs. Our dedication extends to offering support to local animal welfare groups through grants and fostering a sense of community togetherness through outreach and education initiatives. We work in close collaboration with animal shelters and rescues, standing by their side to create a safer and happier world for our beloved animals. In addition, we are passionate advocates for the enactment and reinforcement of animal protection laws, ensuring that the rights and well-being of all creatures are upheld and protected.


Jennifer Ulz – President

Ann Durusky – Vice President

Allison Anselmo - Treasurer

Donna Archer - Secretary

Elizabeth Stephenson

Jacqueline Kannan

Monica Kobyashi

Emily Fein

Susan Odum

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