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Spay/Neuter Resources

Need help getting your pet spayed or neutered? Here are some organizations that might be able to help. These are provided as resources only. Please contact these organizations directly.

Local Spay/Neuter Resources

Other Resources

Two other search engines for resources are below:


  • According to GoodRx, the full cost of a spay or neuter procedure varies depending on where you go. In general, the price for spaying or neutering typically covers the procedure itself as well as anesthesia. But every location will bill differently, and many charges associated with the surgery aren’t always included in the base price.

    • For example, the following may appear separately from the surgery on your bill:

      • Pain medication

      • Surgical monitoring

      • A cat carrier (if required) or e-collar

  • Your dog or cat’s spay and neuter appointment might also include other preventative services that impact the cost. You may see the following listed as separate fees on your final bill:

    • Microchipping

    • Pre-surgery lab work

    • Required vaccinations such as rabies

    • Flea, tick, and worm preventative medications

    • It’s best to ask what is included in the quoted cost up front. That way you’ll be able to gauge whether or not the figure is accurate, and you can budget accordingly.

  • Retrieved October 21, 2023 from Here’s How You Can Save on Your Pet’s Spaying or Neutering - GoodRx



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