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As a nonprofit dedicated to animal welfare, we're passionate about reuniting pets with their owners. Our found pet resources include tips and advice on what to do if you've lost a pet or found a stray. 

Help! I found a lost pet.


What to do if you find a stray pet

First, do your best to bring the animal into a safe space where it can be checked for injuries.

Then, check for collar or other tags. If there aren’t any tags, they still may be chipped. You can go to your vet or local shelter to have them scanned. Most chips will have contact information for the owner or rescue if they were adopted. Even rabies tags can help track down owners.

If there is no chip or tag, contact your local shelter to see if a lost or missing report has been filed.

Some shelters will pick the animal up and hold them for 72 hours to see if a report is filed. Other shelters might ask that you hold on to the animal if you’re able while they research the animal.

Whether the animal is picked up by the shelter or you are fostering for a few days, you can also check local lost and found pages on Facebook in your area. Check and post to other websites such as Nextdoor.

When posting a found animal be sure to give a general location of where the animal was found, road, neighborhood, or even local landmarks. Don’t post a picture of the animal, just give a general description, leaving out details that can help you make sure that you have the right owners.


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