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At the Animal Welfare League of Wayne County, we believe that every pet deserves a loving home. That's why we offer a variety of pet rehoming resources that can provide you with guidance and support throughout the process. Our goal is to ensure that every pet has a second chance at a happy life.

Pet Rehoming Resources


Pet Rehoming Tips

Remember that this is your dog and you want a safe and loving home for him or her.

If someone is interested in your dog and you feel good about it, that's not enough.
Check their vet records. Make sure their previous dogs have had proper care. Which is yearly exams, vaccines, spay or neuter and year round heartworm prevention. If you feel your dog would be safer having a fenced yard, make that a requirement. A fenced yard should not be their home. It should only be for safe off leash playtime or to do their business. Make sure your dog will be an inside companion and will be treated as family.

Do a home visit. Make sure it is a safe environment for a dog. Check the fence line making sure it is secure. It's always good to have locks on the gates.

If you love your dog, you don't want it to be kept outside, or used as a
breeder or used as a bait dog. They are a lifetime commitment and should be loved and taken care of just like a family member.
If the potential adopter doesn't want you to do any of these things, that is a red flag. No one should mind you wanting to find a good, safe home for your dog. And just because someone pays a rehoming fee doesn't mean they will take good care of a dog.

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